The first stars waking and the wind is shaking
My eyes are flicking and I'm miles awake
Am I never gonna make it unless I fake it?
My love is naked on the bed, I'm naked
As I watch the window that the words flow into
I'm being there but with a scrap book lingo
I scribble allusion avoid illusion
I've grown some stubble on the ol' cleft chin
And I promised a girl
A heart in writing if she wants writing
And I stared at the wall
Years went passing, the scene was passing
Come on drawing shed a little ink
I'm drawn to the pen through weather and the bends

Now the moons escaping the east coast morning
Am I dying if I lie in with a mind not thinking?
Well I feel so humble as I stay in limbo
Here I'm naked I am there and I'm naked
I have to grin at a world so thin
It's like a bubble holds a loose gripped pin
I'm glued to a window that frames the inferno
Static innuendo from a deadbolt radio
And you knows theres no key if theres no meaning
Is someone speaking I can not tune it in
I belong to the song like rhythm and soul
The curse of it all is to go on
I gotta go on!


from luNaLoOps-, released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved


William Blaxland Australia

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